UC Davis Responds to the Camp Fire—One Animal at a Time

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Message from the president, Celia Garcia:

For all of you  Cal Bears who are searching for  last minute worthy causes for tax donations for 2019 (besides giving to Cal and/or our alumni club, of course), please consider giving to this so very worthwhile organization at our sister school at  UC Davis. It is the Veterinary Catastrophic Need Fund. It provides veterinary medical treatments at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for animals that are injured in wildfires, natural disasters or other accidents.I have  been a donor for two years now and it is so gratifying to know that we are helping animals in our state get the care they need, especially after the wildfires in our state.

Here is the link to give and also all the info about this amazing organization. If you give, tell them that you are a part of the Cal  Alumni Club of San Diego County.


Link to UC Davis Responds to the Camp Fire—One Animal at a Time

Thank you all Cal Alumni and see you at the (whichever) bowl game!!

Celia Garcia

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